Donate a BOOK

Donate a BOOK
The main idea is to inspire people to give each other books and to show that a book remains a suitable gift and does not lose its value.
We invite children and adults to give books to friends and relatives, to bring books to libraries, schools and children's institutions for those who need them especially. So they will just take a good step forward!
We want to encourage people not to keep unnecessary books in their homes.
Everyone will enjoy a smile with a helping hand and just the voice of a friend who says "This book is a gift for you"!
Anyone who wishes can donate a book by leaving it with us or simply send it to us.
And who will get it?
With us we will give a gift to everyone with a smile, and after reading it he will give it to another, the other to a third. So the wheel will turn ....... and who knows? He can travel all over Bulgaria and return to you.
Our goal is for each of these books to go around more people and give smiles. On the back of each of them we will put a note where it came from and everyone will write their name.
We will be happy if more people take advantage of this initiative of ours.
For more information tel. +359886023024,